SpinVox is the world’s largest commercial speech platform. It has converted over 100 million messages from speech to text. Imagine the value it can add to your speech applications!

SpinVox Create Developer Programme provides a simple API to build and commercialise applications using its Voice Message Conversion System™. So sign up now!

Get Started 25 March 2009
SpinVox Create is the first step towards creating web, handset or SMS based voice to text applications...

GI's Experience 27 March 2009
When we were presented with the opportunity to integrate with SpinVox Voice conversion system through SpinVox Create API programme...

Get Involved
Get more out of the Programme. Get Involved! Check out the developers’ guide. Join any of the six forums, talk about your apps, get answers to your questions and contribute to improve the API.

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Tag and post your photographs using just your voice.
Speak yourself a reminder while you remember, from anywhere.
Speak your post simultaneously to thirty most popular social networking sites.