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What does SpinVox do?

SpinVox captures speech and converts it into text. It is the largest commercial speech platform in the world. Millions of users use it daily for automatic delivery of converted speech to text through SMS, email and web tools.

What are SpinVox's products or services?

SpinVox has developed many applications based on voice to content conversion. Its award-winning service is Voicemail to Text, designed with delivery as SMS or email message. It has empowered people to speak SMS messages or emails to anyone, from any phone. SpinVox also enables people to speak messages directly to their web messaging services such as Facebook and Twitter. Some other applications that SpinVox has developed are Memo, Blast and Messenger.

What is SpinVox's main business model?

It has two business models, a) Selling services directly to the end customer b) Offering services through carriers.

Who are SpinVox's clients?

SpinVox is live with telecom carriers like Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Sasktel, Rogers Wireless, Telus, Telstra, Vodacom South Africa, Telstra Australia, Vodafone Spain, Movistar Chile and web partners Livejournal and Skype.

What is VMCS?

VMCS is SpinVox's Voice Message Conversion System. It converts speech into text. The system uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence including: natural linguistics, automatic speech recognition and digital signal processing to continually build individual speaker profiles. It provides a meaningful equivalent of the audio, which people can easily understand and act on.

Who can join the SpinVox Create Programme?

Anyone, from large businesses, to small enterprises, to a person at home developing applications in their spare time.

What is unique about SpinVox Create Developer Programme?

It is the only programme that gives you access to the industry leading Voice Message Conversion System - VMCS.

Can I use my SpinVox login as my SpinVox Create login?

No, even if you have a SpinVox login you will have to create a new login for SpinVox Create Developer Programme.

What happens when I register?

When you register, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You will have to click on the link in the email to activate your account. Then you are ready to download documents, develop and test your application as per the specifications in the document.

How can I retrieve my password?

To retrieve your password click on forgot password. A new password will be generated and sent to the email address you have registered with.

Will my details be shared with a third party?

If you participate in forums your username will be visible to all visitors and members. To know more about our privacy policy please check the link at the bottom of the page.

How many applications can I develop with one registration?

You can develop up to five applications with one registration.

What is the maximum duration of an audio message that can be sent?

The maximum length of the message can be upto 30 seconds.

What is the turn around time or conversion time for a message

Message conversion typically takes a few minutes. For complex messages, or at peak time, it may take a little longer.

Which languages are supported?

You can send messages in English as standard. We also support German, French and Spanish with Italian and Portugese to soon be added to the service - to gain access to these languages please contact SpinVoxCreate@SpinVox.com

Will any other language get added?

Yes. Italian and Portuguese are on their way soon.

The API is not able to convert certain words

If you feel that API has not been able to consistently convert some of the words then it is possible that it doesn’t exist in our library. Please send an email to create.info@spinvox.com and we add it in and update you.

I am developing an application which needs more than 30 second messages; will you be able to support it?

We will evaluate your request. Please email your requirement to SpinVoxCreate@SpinVox.com.

Who owns the intellectual property rights of the application?

The developer owns the copyright of the application. SpinVox retains the intellectual property of the speech to text conversion.

How can I make suggestions for future development?

If you have an idea and want to discuss it with us, please email us at SpinVoxCreate@SpinVox.com

Billing and Commercial FAQs

What is the charging model?

Registration and membership of the programme is free. Once you have tested the api please contact us at SpinVoxCreate@SpinVox.com to discuss the best pricing plan for your needs.

Can I use the SpinVox API commercially?


I need more support to commercialise my application, how can I get that?

If you are expecting higher volume of traffic, need to discuss commercial pricing, or need better support, please mail your request SpinVoxCreate@SpinVox.com

If I develop a great application how can I commercialise it with SpinVox?

If you want to commercialise your application please send an email to SpinVoxCreate@spinvox.com.

How long will my account remain active?

If there is no activity in your account for six months it will be barred.

Functional FAQs

I am not able to send messages or receive messages. What should I do?

Please post your problem on the Technical forum and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

I am getting question marks in the conversion. What does that mean?

If the system is not very confident about the word or the word has been spelt phonetically, it will insert a question mark after the word.

I am getting underscores in the conversion. What does that mean?

If the system cannot understand the word due to poor audio quality it place an underscore in place of that word.

My message was not converted. Why?

Messages might not get converted because of following reasons:

  • Most words in the message were inaudible due to break up of the audio.
  • There was a lot of background noise when or where the message was recorded.
  • The language in which the message was recorded was not English.
  • The accent was not properly understood by the system.
  • The message was spoken too fast.


How quickly will any issue be resolved?

Our systems are maintained 24x7. We will make best efforts to resolve system issues as soon as possible.

Technical FAQs

Please download the developers guide from the documentation section of the website to get the technical details of the API.